AirWatch - Mobile Device Management

WellSpan Information Services utilizes AirWatch for Mobile Device Management, which includes the configuration of personal mobile devices with WellSpan email.

Click here to review the WellSpan MAP Policy 130 – Mobile Device Management

I. Click here to view AirWatch FAQs

II. Who is Eligible for Access?

  1. WellSpan EXEMPT (i.e. Salaried) employees are automatically eligible to enroll in AirWatch. Please refer to the section below based upon the type of mobile device to proceed with setup.
  2. WellSpan NON-EXEMPT (i.e. hourly) employees will need an Access Request Manager submission to obtain manager approval to enroll in AirWatch.

    IMPT NOTE: Any NON-EXEMPT (i.e. hourly) WellSpan employees who previously had personal mobile devices configured with WellSpan email via ActiveSync will still need to obtain this manager approval.

    The selection within the Access Request is under the "Business" Category and is called "Airwatch (MDM)-Mobile Device WellSpan Email Access."
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III. AirWatch Enrollment Instructions

Please utilize the following documentation specific to your device. Please note that your device’s operating system version must be at least the number shown below or higher to complete the enrollment successfully.

WellSpan supports AirWatch configuration only on the device types listed. eReaders including Nook & Kindle are not supported.

A maximum of two (2) devices can be enrolled per WellSpan employee.