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By answering a few short questions, you can learn more about the pain you are experiencing and what to do about it.


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I have persistent pain or stiffness after getting out of bed in the morning.


I have soreness and swelling in one or more joints.


I have persistent pain, stiffness, soreness or swelling in one or more joints on an ongoing/recurrent basis.


I avoid activities that I have previously loved doing (going to church, walking, shopping, etc.)


My joint pain is interfering with my sleep.


I avoid social activities because I do not want to slow down everyone else.


My joint pain or the restriction in physical activity it causes makes me feel anxious, helpless or depressed.


I have been diagnosed with osteoarthritis and have been holding off total joint replacement.


Compute your BMI

Maintaining an optimal weight is the first option to improve joint function. Being overweight increases the load placed on the joints. You can determine if you are at a healthy weight by calculating your body mass index. Please enter the following information:

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