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York Hospital Childbirth Education Registration

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Mother-Infant Center Tour

Take a free one-hour tour of the labor, delivery and maternity facilities at York Hospital. This tour is for adults only. The tour is offered several times a month. Call with questions

$70 per couple
Prepared Childbirth Series

This series includes: four week childbirth education class; baby care class; breastfeeding class; and a tour.

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$60 per couple
Condensed Childbirth Class

This five-hour class covers such concepts of labor and birth, comfort measures, anesthesia choices, relaxation and breathing techniques, and Cesarean delivery. This class is offered once a month on the weekend. A Mother Infant Center Tour will also be scheduled for you when you register for this class.

$15 per couple
Refresher Class

We offer a variety of class options for "experienced" expectant mothers and their support people to brush up on all things pregnancy and labor related. Your refresher program can be customized to meet your specific learning needs. Upon registration you will be contacted to help create your specific class plan

$15 per couple
Planned Cesarean Class

Parents experiencing a planned cesarean will be placed in a childbirth class that is designed to cover information regarding pre-operative routine, anesthesia, operative procedure and cesarean recovery at hospital and at home.

$40 per couple
Planned Cesarean Series

This series has been created to meet the needs of parents who will be experiencing a planned cearean.  The series includes the planned cesarean class, a baby care class, a breastfeeding class and a tour of the Mother Infant Center at York Hospital.

$15 per child
Super Siblings 1

This one hour class helps to prepare 3-7 year olds for the birth of a new sibling. Through the use of age appropriate materials and crafts, children will gain an understanding of what it means to be the Big Brother or Big Sister and how that makes them special. Parents are required to stay.

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$15 per child
Super Siblings 2

This one hour class provides age appropriate activities for 8-12 year olds to help them prepare for the birth of a sibling. The class will discuss feelings, safety and newborn characteristics. The children will also make a small gift to give to “their” new baby. Parents are required to stay.

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$40 per family
Gentle Touch Infant Massage

Life is rushed. Spend some tender moments with your newborn. Bond with your infant by learning how to provide the calming and loving touch of infant massage. This class is for babies 4 weeks to 6 months of age. Includes three one-hour sessions and massage oil.

$15 per person
Safe Baby and Infant CPR Basics

Participants will get a baby proofing room by room checklist and safety and injury prevention will be discussed. Participants will also learn the basics of Infant CPR and choking and have chance for practice. This class is perfect for anyone who will be caring for a new baby.

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CPR for Family and Friends and First Aid for Children

Designed for the general public, this course includes adult, child and infant CPR and choking management. There is an optional First Aid for Children module which includes first aid for medical, injury, and environmental emergencies. The class is approximately three and a half hours in length. The course is physically demanding. Please consult your physician prior to attending. A $10 reservation fee is required. Call (717) 851-2660 for more details.

$20 per couple
Breastfeeding Class

Learn the benefits of breastfeeding for mom and baby along with techniques and positions to help you prepare for a positive breastfeeding experience. This class is perfect for first time moms or those who just need a refresher. This two-hour session is taught by a certified lactation consultant.  (Partners are encouraged to attend)

$25 per couple
Baby Care

Learn the ins and outs of baby care in this informative and up to date class. Participants will get hands on experience in diapering and swaddling and learn about the day-to-day care of the newborn. This two and a half hour class is offered free with the Prepared Childbirth Series but can be taken individually. This class is perfect for expectant parents and grandparents. Please bring a teddy bear/baby doll, blanket and diaper to use for practice.

Car Seat Check

Make sure that your child will be riding safely. Safe Kids York County has certified child the correct installation and use of your child's safety seat. Please call (888) 232-7233 to schedule an appointment or find the location nearest you.

$10 per person
Grandparents Class

My how so much has changed!! Come and learn the latest in safety techniques and baby care as well as insight into the labor process. This two hour class for expectant grandparents also includes a tour of the mother-infant center. 

Please select the number of attendees:

Mommy Talk and Toddler Time

New motherhood and the pressures of daily life often bring about many challenges.  Not only are you learning your new role as a parent, but you are also adjusting to your changing body, relationship with your partner, daily schedule and more.  Both groups run monthly and are designed to connect new moms with useful information in an environment that allows for social interaction and sharing.  Each month, these groups will focus on a topic geared towards new moms and allow time for open discussion.  All new moms are welcome.  Feel Free to bring your infant or toddler with you. Toddler Time is for mothers of children ages 1-3 and meets the first Monday of the month from 6:30-7:30pm. Mommy Talk meets the third Monday of the month from 6:30-7:30pm, both at York Hospital Childbirth and Family Education in the Queensgate Towne Center.  Contact Wendy McDowell RN, BSN, IBCLC for more information at 851-4305
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